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Julia Shantal

TIKTOK Marketing Consultant & CEO of Style & Beauty Experts

We help businesses to use TIKTOK/Video marketing to grow their businesses online!

Do you need help to grow your TIKTOK? I’m here to provide Social Media/ TIKTOK coaching. You can hire me for any of your business needs, from creating contents to overseeing your TIKTOK account. I’ll work hard and do my best to help you to generate organic leads & increase revenue! Let’s get started today!

WHATSAPP ME +65 96881798 or Email me: and get in touch asap. Email me for a discovery call about how I can help you to grow your business.

Results of my client, Style & Confidence Consultant Carol Gockel
Result of my client, Eve Phua of Hope Gem by House of Phua
Mabel from London (entrepreneur)
Irene (Entrepreneur of Young Living)
Irene (Entrepreneur)
Sulochanavathy (Beauty Entrepreneur)
Eve Phua (Beauty Entrepreneur)
Beauty Entrepreneurs from London

Partnering with brands as a creator in fine jewelry, beauty, lifestyle and more…